Alison Albrecht

A few years ago, after a 25+year hiatus, I picked up my paint brushes and began painting again.

Some of my best paintings - in my eyes - are the ones that emerge as I paint. Occasionally I start a painting with a basic idea, but often, it is in the act of putting paint onto the canvas, that an idea or feeling develops. I have always been drawn to color - often feeling as though it is a mix of conscious and subconscious decisions as to what color(s) to put on my brush. While my style has changed (e.g., in the past my work featured many still life paintings), my work still relies on using color to create a feeling and/or image.

While I title my most of my work, I want every individual to look at the painting through their eyes and their heart, and to feel whatever the painting brings to them rather than what I see in my creation.

I hope you enjoy my work.